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  • 2015-07-02
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Hwacheon's process monitoring and smart scheduling software for PC, 'H-LINC'

Hwacheon's process monitoring and smart scheduling software for PC, 'H-LINC'

H-LINC(Linked Interactively with NC)

H-LINC is a process monitoring and scheduling software that is installed in the client's PC and used to communicate with the Hwacheon machine tool.

When the user selects NC data stored in their PC, this smart process software automatically creates a list of processing programs and carries out automatic processing successively in the designated sequence. It also provides convenient real-time monitoring of the processing progress.

Using H-LINC enables immediate processing of multiple NC data without the need to create a separate processing program. And as it is possible to change the processing sequence, pause processing, and edit the processing program during the operation, the processing schedule can be managed in real-time.

H-LINC is especially effective in the following situations :

•When the user wants to edit the program or change the sequence without pausing the operation; Register the prepared NC data on H-LINC's Quick List and begin the operation. And while the processing is in progress, add the compiled NC data to the Quick List and H-LINC will load all NC data without  stopping to complete the processing operation. Using H-LINC's Quick function enables successive processing without stopping the operation.

•When the user wants to begin the operation quickly when the CAM work for processing isn't yet complete; The order of the NC data registered on H-LINC's Quick List can be changed simply by clicking the Up/Down buttons during operation, and the standby NC data can be edited at any time. Here, all NC data registered on the Quick List can be processed using H-LINC's smart scheduling function without having to pause or cancel the processing operation, and there is no limit to the number of programs.

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