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  • 2022-11-21
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New Turkish Dealer ‘Integral’ Visits Hwacheon’s Production Site

New Turkish Dealer ‘Integral’ Visits Hwacheon’s Production Site

On Nov 21, 2022, a new Turkish dealer ‘Integral’ visited Korea to share their vision and future plans to expand global sales of Hwacheon machines.


Visits by global dealers are always meaningful in terms of strengthening global sales network and sharing visions/directions of headquarter. Integral, which has been active as a dealer in Turkey since February this year, presented a marketing plan to expand sales in the Turkish market in 2023. Integral’s co-founder Mr. Yüksel Öktem, Mr. Serkan Ekinci, Mr. Mehmet Cam visited Hwacheon’s production site, assured of Hwacheon’s high-technology after watching the actual assembly process of SIRIUS-3000(5AX), L2 2500, Hi-M G1 Pro and technical trainings. In addition, they visited cultural sites such as War Memorial Park in Yongsan, Insa-dong, and Myeong-dong to see and experience Korean history and traditional culture to enhance their understanding of Korean culture.


Hwacheon expects this visit will strengthen dealer’s sales capabilities and become a cornerstone for expanding sales in the future global market.







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