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Smart machine which realizes the automated machining solution for steel


SMART Ua STEEL is a steel-machining smart machine which combines the self-developed smart software solution and the unique machining optimization control technology of Hwacheon

One-stop process with a single setting from CAM computation to machining


Once you enter a 3D model, it analyzes the modeling data and generates optimized NC data automatically, reducing the time required for CAM process and providing consistent machining quality based on Hwacheon’s unique machining optimization control technology.







SMART Technology










 01    Generation of optimized NC data 







   02    Machining optimization solution  




Optimized machining solution


combining tool pathoptimization with real-time machining optimization control technology









   03    Intuitive automatic setting of workpieces  






   04    Convenient tool management  



           - Cutting time recording and usage time management for each tool


           - Tool replacement cycle notification


           - Setting Hwacheon’sproprietary functions (HECC, HTLC) and applying it to machining








   05    Automatic smart machining  



           - Machining starts from roughing after the start of auto-computation

           - Computation and machining are carried out simultaneously

           -  Real-time monitoring of machining







  Main features  







· SMART UaSTEEL’s dedicated HMI with an all-in-one solutionfor all processes from CAM computation to machining


Magnetic Table (Std.)


· With table-integrated structure, there is no loss in Z-axis area
· Cables are hidden inside the table to secure the safeand tidy machining area
· Highly convenient magnetic control buttons that areapplied to the control panel


Automatic Workpiece Changer (Opt.)


· Improving productivity by minimizing non-machining time

(workpieces can be mounted from the outside of the machine)

· Unmanned operation using a pallet container









  Stroke (X / Y / Z) mm 1,050 / 600 / 550
  Rapid Speed (X / Y / Z) m/min 36 / 36 / 36
  Feed (X / Y / Z) mm/min 1 ~ 24,000
  Working Surface mm 1,200 x 600
  Table Loading Capacity
  (Without / With Magnetic Table)
kgf 800 / 700
  Max. Spindle Speed rpm 20,000 (Std) 12,000 14,000 24,000
  Spindle Motor kW 37 / 18.5 37 / 22 37 / 18.5
  Type of Spindle Taper Hole - MAS-403 BBT-40 (Opt.: CAT-40, SK-40, HSK-A63) HSK-A63
  Tool Storage Capacity ea 120
  Floor Space (L × W x H) mm 5,730 x 5,320 x 3,170
NC Controller H-SMART S


Item Unit AWC : Automatic Workpiece Changer (Opt)
  Max. Transfer Weight kgf 80
  Max. Workpiece Height mm 250
  Max. Number of Pallet ea 15
  Pallet Size mm 400 x 400