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  • 2015-07-02
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Operating System for Smart Machines, 'H-SMART'

Operating System for Smart Machines


HMI (Human Machine Interface) for SMART-UaX

H-SMART is an operating system for smart machines that allows anyone to complete the entire process from analysis of the processing shape, generation of processing data, and setting up of tools and workpiece to processing itself by simply pressing the button four times.

■ Automated computing process

Automatic creation of processing path

Automatic shape analysis

Processing path optimization

■ Automated creation and editing of NC program

① Automated creation and editing of NC program

NC data is generated and transmitted automatically. When a problem occurs during the operation, H-SMART automatically analyzes and edits the processing program to deliver optimized unmanned processing.

- Automatically creates and edits processing programs according to the conditions selected by the user

- Automatically creates and edits programs according to the process standby, completion, omission, and pause settings and tool selection.

■ Automated workpiece placement and optimization

- An algorithm has been implemented that considers the size of the workpiece, the gap between workpieces, interference during processing for optimal workpiece placement.

- Automated measuring of workpieces and automated recognition and omission from processing of faulty workpieces.

■ Tool life management

- Calculates the accumulated cutting time for each tool and controls tool usage time

- Tool replacement notification

- Hwacheon's unique HECC and HTLD function settings for each tool

② Automated tool compensation and life management

Optimized processing control for each tool through the settings of Hwacheon's unique processing optimization functions (HECC and HTLD)

H-SMART inspects and compensates tool status prior to each processing step, preventing processing errors due to wear and tear in advance. As H-SMART records the estimated processing time and actual processing time for each workpiece, and manages the usage time per tool and tool life, it is possible to estimate and prepare for the next processing operation.

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