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  • 2020-11-19
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FOCUS on YOU, Five Machining Solution

Let me introduce you to five machining solutions in Hwacheon.                                                



ATC for Turning


Automatic tool change functions are provided for turning center products.
Unexpected interference due to tool change can be checked by pre-simulation.


Details of the Solution



HWACHEON Turning Solution by Magazine


HWACHEON Vertical Turning Center Line-up with ATC
Automatic turning tool change is available for vertical turret type T/C such as, VT-650, VT-950+, VT-1150+,
For RAM type large vertical T/C VT-2000 is able to change various tools such as milling tools & angle head automatically.


HWACHEON VTL Promotion Film

VT-2000 Promotion Film


HWACHEON Integrated Multiplex Turning Center C1/C2 with ATC
Turret type Horizontal T/C with ATC for turning tools as well as milling tools.
It is capable to manufacture parts in complex geometry which require many tools with a single chucking and ATC solution.


C1/C2 Promotion Film


HWACHEON Lathe Interference Check Simulation Software ‘H-TURN'
This software is for safer machining of parts of complex geometry. In case of using ATC,
unexpected interference of tool change can be checked through this simulation software before machining.


C2 / H-TURN Simulation Film

Product Variation



12-24” Vertical TC


24-32” Vertical TC


32-50” Vertical TC


80” Vertical TC


6-8” Horizontal TC


8-10” Horizontal TC


Sheer Turning



Rigid frames and process-control software packages contribute to more precise results for long or hard workpieces, which often present trouble in machining.


Details of the Solution



HWACHEON Turning Solution for High-precision Turning


High-rigidity Mechanical Structure Faithful to the Basics
High-precision turning is achievable by implementing a heavy duty cast iron frame & large-diameter ball screw.
-. Minimizes deformation of work piece, even long shaft machining.
-. Turning of hard material with high surface quality


Improvement of Machining Performance through Process Control Software

-. HLVC : Suppresses chattering when machining long material
This Software avoids excessive vibration by changing the RPM of the spindle when chatter is detected.
Recommended for customers who;
   1) want to machine long material above L/D=10
   2) want to machine long inner diameter above L/D=3
   3) want to machine long grooves above L/D=3


-. L-HTDC : Lathe-HWACHEON Thermal Displacement Control System
Improves machining precision through real time thermal displacement correction according to the temperature variations in frame, coolant and room temperatures.


-. L-HTLD : Lathe-HWACHEON Tool Load Detect System
Monitors the tool wear in real time to prevent accidents and collisions that may result from worn or broken tools.
This feature allows for longer tool life and better part finishes as well.

Product Variation



6-8” Horizontal TC

Hi-TECH 230

8-10” Horizontal TC

Hi-TECH 450

10-15” Horizontal TC

Hi-TECH 750

18-21” Horizontal TC

Hi-TECH 850

32” Horizontal TC

MEGA-ll Series

Huge Duty CNC Lathe


5-Axis Solution


Provides HWACHEON’s unique software and hardware integrated solution for high precision 5-axis machining of complex parts.


Details of the Solution



HWACHEON’s Optimized Solution for 5-Axis Machining


5-axis machining centers are mounted with high-precision, high-rigidity rotary tables and universal heads made with HWACHEON's own technology. The 5-axis machining centers specialize in manufacturing molds or parts that require complex, high precision machining.

A wide variety of parts and materials can be machined efficiently through various spindle options. Even higher precision machining is possible through HRCC, an optimized software for calibrating and compensating of the rotation center and rotation axis and errors in the rotation axis.

H-SIMUL 5X, a real time synchronized simulation software for interference checking, is provided for safe 5-axis machining.


HWACHEON Product Video : D2-5AX

HWACHEON Product Video : M3/M4-5AX

HWACHEON Software Video : HRCC

Product Variation



5axis Simulation SW


Head Tilting 5-Axis


Ø600 Table 5-Axis


Ø500 Table 5-Axis


Ø700 Table 5-Axis


Ø800 Table 5-Axis


Automation Solution


Provides automation solutions optimized according to customer requirement by various types of automation systems.


Details of the Solution



Optimal Automation Solution for Improving Productivity


To cope with various sizes, types and conditions of the work, we have a variety of product lineups ready, pallets and workpiece changers are available from smaller(80kg) to larger(20ton).

In order to provide an automated system optimized for the customer's site, single or multiple automation systems can be integrated and operated in various arrangements, such as circle type or matrix type.

In addition, we provide an automation system using robots that can produce multiple processes in one-stop.


HWACHEON Product Video : HMP-700

HWACHEON Product Video : HMP-300

HWACHEON Product Video : Robot Automation

Product Variation



700kg Pallet System


300kg Pallet System


80kg Work Changer


5ton Pallet System


20ton Pallet System


Flexible Processing


SMART Solution


HWACHEON's smart automation technology provides a one-stop solution that anyone can handle, from setting up to machining efficiently.


Details of the Solution



Smart Automation Solution Carries Out from Setting Up to Machining with a 3D Model


HWACHEON's "Smart Solutions Technology" integrates HWACHEON's long standing machine tool experience with their own proprietary "Optimal Control Technology" providing smart solutions for today's manufacturing industry.
This includes the ability to go from setting up to machining with inputting only a 3D model.

HWACHEON provides the most relevant solutions to adapt to an ever changing manufacturing environment that is gradually becoming unmanned, automated and intelligent.


HWACHEON Product Video : SMART UaX


Product Variation



Graphite SMART MC


Steel Mold SMART MC




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